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we should spend less time assuring people that asexuals CAN have sex and more time recognizing those who dont want anything to do with sex bc we’re hardly mentioned and it’s kinda sad


starry eyed


I don’t know who I love more

what's your opinion on the whole 'nevy was jealous of wrathia because she loved pedri'? personally i think it's ridiculous


I just hope they’re not right, but i can’t exactly turn away from the the fact that Nevy is associated with envy. So her past life must have something to do with envy. As it does for Wrathia and Tuls for Wrath and Lust.





Wrathia obviously really cherishes/admires Nevy just as she does for Pedri. Wrathia seems to consider her strong and worthy to be found by her and form an alliance against TITAN. It must be that Nevy was just as strong as Wrathia was in her past life. Or had a strong determination in keeping her home planet from the hands of TITAN.


But on the case of what she could envy over is not Wrathia herself. Hopefully nothing related to Wrathia too. But what she has, which is not Pedri in the way i see it. Maybe Nevy could have envied Wrathia’s opportunity to have a child.



I mean, according to some people who know American sign language. Nevy is supposedly trying to say ‘baby’ here. I could be wrong though I don’t know. We only know so little of Nevy to start assuming things. This is just what I thinking personally.


Ok usually I try to leave everyone to their fun…but this Wiki crap has now been going on for a while and half the jokes don’t even make sense. I had even posted a link to it on the official blog a while back for the reference of others who actually care to learn information on the comic (which now it’s useless to them). Can we please chill out with the joke edits, it’s getting really rude, especially with Nevy. Why would you do that to a whole character.


"so what do you see yourself doing in the future?"

look up to the sky